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Horror fans held their nose when Twilight turned vampires into sparkling vegetarian loverboys back in 2008.  Now Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie are finally brave enough to revisit one of the biggest movie phenomena of the millennium, and see if Robert Pattinson’s icy romance with Kristen Stewart passes the smell test.  Will Edward have an easier time getting to third base romancing Bella Swan than playing vampire baseball with his undead family?  Find out when you donate for Silver Level, sit back, and enjoy a Cold One with Arnie, Jakob and Stuart.  

Book Review: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer drove a stake into typical literary depictions of vampires when she published her 2005 bestseller Twilight.  What is it about Bella Swan that makes the chaste heroine so irresistible to every living and undead boy in Forks, Washington?  And was it a good look for suitor Edward Cullen to take off the Dracula cape and show off his sparkling personality?  Join Jakob and Stuart as they sink their teeth into this six-part blockbuster book series.  Listen Now! 

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Kate Beckinsale steps away from the Underworld franchise so that her real life ex Michael Sheen can get some time in the sun as star of prequel Rise of the Lycans.  Did Bill Nighy start an eternal war when he adopted a werewolf cub destined to lead human slaves and wilderness beasts in an uprising against vampire aristocracy?  And does Death Dealer Rhona Mitra look enough like Selene to wear her iconic leather catsuit and indulge in more forbidden interspecies romance? Listen Now to find out what the hosts are “Lycan” about this third entry in the saga!

Jurassic World: Dominion

Dinosaurs have escaped Jurassic World and claimed Dominion over all of the Earth in the sixth chapter of Steven Spielberg’s popular franchise. Is CEO Campbell Scott out to save humanity by bringing the big lizards to his Italian sanctuary, or just using their extinct DNA to conduct more unethical genetic experiments?  And how well are veterans Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neil, and Laura Dern spliced into the story as Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard attempt rescue of a kidnapped clone and velociraptor?  The Park is open when you Donate at the Amber Level.    

Underworld: Evolution

Scott Speedman may have morphed into the perfect halfbreed boyfriend for vampire Kate Beckinsale at the end of Underworld, but there has been no Evolution in her clan’s thinking when it comes to interspecies romance. Can the pair escape the nocturnal city and find a place for themselves within a primordial forest?  And what happens when winged Elder Marcus (Tony Curran) catches up with the Death Dealer, and learns where his Lycan brother is imprisoned?  The key to making sense of the sequel is listening to the latest Now Playing podcast.        


Long before Bella had to choose between vampire and werewolf boyfriends, Kate Beckinsale was two-fisting pistols to save star-crossed Lycan lover Scott Speedman from her judgey undead family in Underworld. Is the director of Live Free Or Die Hard a wise man for placing the story of Romeo & Juliet inside The Matrix? Or is Len Wiseman just a letch inventing excuses for getting his future wife out of corsets and into tight leather?  Find out if Jakob, Stuart, or Arnie stake a claim for The 2000s’ other fangs and fur Gothic romance when you Listen Now.  

Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is back in the cockpit 36 years after Top Gun to prove that Maverick still delivers big box office in 2022.  But can the toothy pilot teach a dozen wannabe aces, including Goose’s son Miles Teller, how to emulate his charm and derring-do before they have to fly a solo mission into the danger zone? And how much help is hardass Jon Hamm, love interest Jennifer Connelly, or the original “Iceman” Val Kilmer to this new cinematic mission?  Bring back that loving feeling for the Biggest Star of the 1980s when you Donate at the Mach 2 Level this summer!       

The Two Jakes

Turns out Jack Nicholson did not forget Chinatown as advised, but pulled double duty 16 years later as director and star of the sequel The Two Jakes. Did Harvey Keitel hire our heartbroken private eye because he needs help confronting a duplicitous wife, or because the sting will provide cover when he murders a business partner? And how did the long lost daughter of Faye Dunaway wind up owning an LA suburb built atop an explosive reservoir of oil and gas?  Join kitty cats Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie as they follow the money down the well.  Listen Now!  


Jack Nicholson goes sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong in the Oscar-winning 1974 noir Chinatown. Can the private eye connect the dots between the missing girlfriend of a city official and LA’s vanishing water supply? Is femme fatale Faye Dunaway really falling for the gumshoe, or just taking Jake to the bedroom to stop him from seeing who’s drowning her hubby in the pool?  And why does tycoon John Huston want to be an orange farmer so bad? Get the full picture in a podcast your sister, your daughter, and the entire family can enjoy.  Listen Now!

Firestarter (2022)

11-year-old Charlie McGee might look like just another snowflake who can’t manage her emotions, but tell her she’s no Drew Barrymore and you’ve got a real Firestarter on your hands in 2022.  Is proud papa Zac Efron pushing his telekinetic daughter to make the right choices, and avoid being captured by Native American assassin Rainbird and The Shop?  Or will the next High School Musical end with a thermonuclear explosion?  Find out if Blumhouse has made a barbeque out of a classic novel when you listen to the latest Stephen King podcast.  


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